February is Heart Month

As discussed in Cardiac Health (Part 1), it is very important to your heart health to eat the right foods and drink plenty of water. We also touched on the importance of getting enough exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. The Surgeon General is recommending 30 minutes per day of moderate-intensity activity every week; this may include a brisk walk, cycling, or swimming. This will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight which is also important in mitigating cardiac disease; people who are overweight or obese unknowingly put extra strain on the heart and blood vessels which contributes to hypertension, coronary artery disease, and eventually heart failure.


February is Heart Month

Cardiac disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Everyone knows the importance of eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight; we have all heard this speech more than once. However these three things can significantly lower your risk of cardiac disease and even promote heart health. Let’s start with a healthy diet; now this doesn’t mean going on the latest “diet” trend your friends are talking about. A heart healthy diet includes a diet low in sodium (less than 2 grams in a day), high in fiber, and low in fat (specifically those saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol). In addition to what your eating, it is just as important as getting enough water, general recommendation is at least 64 ounces daily. More to come in Cardiac Health (Part 2)!


Patient Recognition – This is why we do it!

“I could have never taken care of my [loved one] without Elite’s help. I am grateful to our hospice caregiver.”

“My nurse helped me through an incredibly difficult time and saved the day on several occasions.”

“My hospice team provided loving care through the whole process.”

“The therapy team was so upbeat and positive. It helped me get through the hard things.”

“My team was competent and knew how my [condition] needed to be treated.”

“Everyone was friendly. They wanted to spend time with me. No one ever seemed rushed.”

At Elite, we are looking for “life-changers.”

We recruit, promote, and build our team on the principles of CAPLICO – Customer Second, Accountability, Passion for Learning, Love one Another, Intelligent risk taking, Celebration, and Ownership. We are committed to life-changing service in all that we do. Our patients and communities are the reason for this commitment.

Patient Recognition – Why I love what I do

At Elite, we live CAPLICO – Customer Second, Accountability, Passion for Learning, Love one another, Intelligent Risk Taking, Celebration, and Ownership. We make all of our staffing decisions on these ideals. As such, we realize that some amazing people call Elite their place of work. Here are some of the key thoughts they have shared:

I love my job in Home Health and Hospice because I get to work with the community and meet them where they are at during their current stage of life and health. I get to help them, in whatever way they need, in the comfort of their own space.

I believe one of my strengths in dealing with people in home health is therapeutic use of self and my heart to build relationships with people. It’s challenging and fun to learn the different cultures of the areas even the difference between Orofino and Kamiah – learning to adjust and have a whole new level of understanding for the people of each area and the culture helps me to be a well-rounded, compassionate and learn how and when to push a patient in these different communities. I’ve gotten to see some beautiful country and some remote areas that I would have never gotten to see if I hadn’t done home health.   This job affords a willing clinician the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and how to build authentic relationships and good relationships and good rapport with our clients.

I love home health for many reasons, first I get to meet some amazing people.  I get to help people that need help walking, moving, transferring that are not able to get to therapy but really need help so they can stay in their own homes where they are happy and comfortable.  I get to meet people in their own homes so what I do is directly related to what they need, it’s their own bed, chairs ,stairs homes they need to navigate.  It’s more personalized it’s one on one, my patients become more than just a patient,  they are real and I get to know them and their families. In knowing this I can help them achieve their goals and hopefully make life easier and more comfortable for them.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am appreciated and I change lives. And of course last​ but not least… I get to love on other people’s dogs and cats ! It doesn’t get any better than that!  I love my job and my ELITE family! 

I love my job in home health because I get to care for my patients in the environment where they are the most comfortable, their home.