Elite Home Health & Hospice NOW offers Palliative Care!

Join us in celebrating the launch of our newest service line.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a collaborative program with your primary care provider and specialists to manage the symptoms of chronic diseases. Palliative care is designed to support you in your home, manage the complexities of multiple conditions, provide support for complex medication protocols, support healing through procedures and treatments, and coordinate care and services to help you with your goals.

How is palliative care different from hospice?

Palliative care is a medical approach to chronic illness and pain management. It is paid for under Medicare Part B and may include a co-payment for services. Palliative services are provided while you are still pursing curative treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and home health.

Hospice is a program designed for care and symptom management in last 6 months of life. It is paid for under Medicare Part A and usually has no cost for the patient. Hospice services are provided after you have exhausted all curative options.

Can’t my doctor provide “palliative” care?

Potentially. Palliative care is an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Typically, palliative programs involve a provider who will review your current interventions and disease process. In consultation with you, they will help establish a comprehensive plan of care that addresses your disease process, as well as, your personal goals. For example, in the early phases of your disease, you may desire full interventions. Part of palliative is to pre-plan when this may change to meet your goals of living your best life. Your provider will bring in services such as social workers to assist in creating plans that address components of end-of-life, so you are making decisions before they are critical. Your provider may bring in therapy professionals to aid in setting up your living environment to meet your needs in the context of your disease process. Elite Home Health & Hospice is pleased to be able to offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, as well as a registered dietitian. Since we embrace a holistic approach, your provider may identify spiritual care as part of your care team to aid supporting you and your family during critical phases of your disease.

Palliative care is a team. It is not designed as a single provider program.

Does palliative care mean I am dying?

Palliative care is designed for individuals who have 1-5 years prognosis from chronic disease. This means that individuals who get the most benefit are not in the critical phase of their diseases. However, the person may be going to the emergency room frequently, may have had some hospital stays, may be coordinating care from multiple providers/specialists, may be coming on and off home health services, or may be newly diagnosed with cancer/diabetes/CHF/COPD and needing additional support.

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