How are Hospice and Palliative Care provided?

All hospice is palliative, but not all palliative is hospice.

Both programs are designed to provide you comfort and target quality of life.

The programs do this task in different ways, because of when and how the programs are accessed.

Hospice is a Medicare-designed program that is implemented when an individual is no longer pursuing curative treatments and has a prognosis of less than 6 months of life if the disease process were to run its course. Hospice provides equipment, medications, and a team of support – nursing, chaplain, social worker, and an aide. Additional services can be added such as massage therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Palliative is not defined by Medicare and will vary based on the provider. Most palliative programs support interventions to aid in quality of life while pursuing curative treatments. The goal for palliative is to focus on the patient and their health goals during treatment. The patient is financially responsible for all care and equipment needs. The palliative team is comprised of a practitioner (for Elite, this is a nurse practitioner), a nurse, a medical assistant, a chaplain, and a social worker.

Elite provides both hospice and palliative care services to the communities of the Lewis-Clark valley, Moscow area, and Orofino area. We may request to schedule a meeting with you, called a Goals of Care, to support your goals and needs. This conversation also helps to identify the right program for you based on what you are currently pursuing with your doctor.

If you would like additional information, please email us at We would be happy to address any questions you may have about our programs, these services, and your healthcare goals.