March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month!

We are focusing on kidney health. Treatment and management are often a long process with many comorbid conditions being managed. Kidney disease is known to complicate blood pressure management and the individual’s ability to maintain balanced nutrition. Long-term effects include anemia, compromised bone density, and nerve damage.

37 million Americans have CKD with resultant heart disease as a primary cause of death. Diabetes and hypertension are known comorbidities of the disease, creating unique complexities for management. Educating the community on common risk factors, including diabetes, elevated blood pressure, a family history, being over 60 years of age, and belonging to a high risk ethnic group, is a primary goal for us this month.

We are encouraging community members to reach out to their providers for comprehensive treatment plans, including consultation with dietitians and social workers. Home health can support these endeavors. Let us know how we can support your patients.