October is Physical Therapy Appreciation Month

Did you know that October has been the month to recognize the amazing work physical therapists do for 30 years?

This is an unique opportunity to recognize the benefits of physical therapy, the specific training these professionals have, the specialization and role they have in the continuum of care, and benefits for patients in maintaining health and recovery. The theme for this year, according to APTA is “Choose to Move.”

  • Physical Therapy can help with pain management

Physical therapists are  trained to identify serious ailments and develop treatment plans that support long-term management, recovery from acute injuries, and support for co-morbid conditions.  

  • Physical Therapy improves movement and function

Physical therapists are integrated members of the healthcare continuum, because they are trained to identify changes in how a person moves and the impact on overall function. This might mean an assessment to best determine obstacles to independent living and strategies for long-term care needs.

  • Physical Therapy can reduce injury risk

Physical therapists assess your risk for injury and look at behaviors that might contribute to frequent and reoccurring injury. They are trained to teach and modify activities to reduce your risk for injury.

  • Physical Therapy is safe and effective

Physical therapy is a safe and effective treatment for many conditions. Physical therapists create treatment plans that take into considerations any challenges or safety obstacles.

  • Physical Therapy has a low risk of side effects

Physical Therapy is a low-risk intervention which is an holistic approach to care

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