Palliative Care

Life-changing service

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care, not to be confused with Hospice/end of life care, aims to assist with managing difficult-to-control symptoms, that may include pain, nausea, anxiety, and stress that an individual dealing with a chronic or life-threatening illness may experience in conjunction with the traditional medical care the patient may be receiving. Palliative Care supplements medical treatment and if needed, allows for a smooth transition between home health and hospice services when goals of care may have changed.

Plan Of Action

Is It Time For Palliative Care?


Heart Disease/CHF

Respiratory Disease/Failure

Renal Disease/Failure


Chronic Liver Disease

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Alzheimer's Disease

A treatment plan that works for you

Each person who works for Elite Home Health and Hospice provides important and necessary skills that help promote your well-being. Our team of quality nurses, aides, therapists, and allied healthcare professionals, all serve a vital role on our team. As we work together with your physician, our strategy is to develop a plan of care that will maximize your independence and quality of life. Each plan is unique and each patient’s success is measured and celebrated.

plan of action

Teamwork means success

We also know it takes a team to be successful. Each member of the team shares responsibility and contributes to the treatment plan to assure the highest quality of services are delivered with compassion and respect.


Your Physician

Oversees your treatments and the members of your unique care team.


Our Team - Nurses, Therapists, and Aides

Implements treatments and collaborates to meet your goals of recovery.


The Patient, Family, and Caregivers

Collaborators and supports for health management and recovery goals.