April is Counseling Awareness Month

Counseling is more than managing serious issues. The role of a counselor is to support individuals. There is stigma with accessing counseling services, and this often prevents individuals from seeking the support they need. Counseling Awareness Month is meant to raise awareness that the interventions provided are to support

  • individuals making choices about their life, their health, their home, their family, etc.;
  • individuals in managing, building, and repairing relationships at whatever phase of life they are currently living;
  • individuals in dealing with the complexities of disease, pain, medical issues, treatments, and interventions;
  • individuals recovering from addiction and trauma.

April is alcohol awareness month which is meant to raise awareness on substance abuse and prevention. The connection between substance abuse and mental illness is well established, and the role of mental health professionals is integral to a comprehensive care plan.

At Elite Home Health & Hospice, we engage the professional services of social workers in our home health, palliative care, and hospice service lines. We also support bereavement groups for individuals who have experienced loss under the guidance of our social work and chaplain team.

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