Am I doing enough to keep my heart healthy?

The internet is full of information. Some can be very helpful, and some is just wrong. Even with helpful and accurate sources, knowing how to implement the information is critical to getting the benefit. Heart health is a hot topic and lots of websites provide key tips and strategies.

At Elite Home Health & Hospice, we rely on information from our medical partners – doctors in the community – who prescribe treatment regimens for our patients. As practitioners, we attend training and complete ongoing education for our licenses to make sure we are providing care that is consistent with the latest research. While the internet can be a great source to gather ideas, our goal is to make sure that your care is in alignment with your physician’s and your goals.

If you would like information on heart health strategies. We recommend reviewing with your physician the following reputable websites :

These websites are excellent resources to learn about strategies to manage your health and create a plan which may include lifestyle changes, diet changes, new medication regimens, and establishing care with a cardiologist. This can often be overwhelming and difficulty to implement alone. Elite’s home health services are designed to partner with you and your physician to create comprehensive interventions that are critical in managing heart disease. Ask your doctor about a course of home health as part of your care plan.

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