Weekly Pulse for March 28, 2022

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Start Date
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Clinical Focus

We want to take a moment and recognize the unique field of occupational therapy. April 1st launches Occupational Therapy Month. At Elite Home Health & Hospice, we are lucky to have a core OT team that supports all of our service areas.

The profession of occupational therapy is evidence-based, client centered, and cost-effective. The field has pioneered changes in policies, environments, and systems to support individuals with unique needs. As a profession, OTs are integral in working with patients and systems to produce effective outcomes through culturally responsive and customized services. As a field, OTs are intentionally inclusive and equitable, embracing diversity within the practice. For more information, visit AOTA.org. 

Question Corner

What is an Occupational Therapist (OT)?

Occupations are the activities people of all ages need and want to do, such as making a meal, dressing, grooming, managing medications, driving, returning to pleasure activities, and participating with family and friends. The profession pursues treatment through the lens of “What matters to you?” NOT “What’s the matter with you?” OTs consider the complexities of a patient’s condition with their desired activity in the preferred environment. This intervention may result in adaptations and modifications which may change over time.

An OT will perform a comprehensive assessment and identify treatment targets and interventions that meet a patient’s desired outcomes. OTs often collaborate with members of nursing, physical therapy, and speech therapy to create a comprehensive plan to meet the patient’s needs.

If you have questions about Elite’s Occupational Therapy team, send us an email at info@EliteHHH.com 

People to know

Clarkston Liaison – Angie (509) 780-8097

Lewiston Liaison – Beth (509) 254-1381

Moscow & Orofino Liaison – Scott (509) 234-3102

Business Development – Ashley (509) 843-7605