Weekly Pulse for May 16, 2022

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Start Date
Start Date
***Start Dates are contingent on receiving a complete referral***

Clinical Focus

May has been an eventful month on our website. We have spent the month of May highlighting the importance of understanding and managing air quality as part of asthma and allergy management. We also highlighted mental health and building awareness about the stigmas associated with healthcare professional in addressing patients with health conditions and mental health concerns. This week we are highlighting osteoporosis and arthritis management and the role of physical and occupational therapy in creating a sustainable independent living solution. We will finish out the month with stroke awareness and the rehabilitation team that collaborates to build a recovery plan and adaptation to a new normal. Join us!

Question Corner

What does an initial assessment from physical therapy look like?

 Physical therapists are uniquely trained in the body systems and function to support movement and mobility. Initial assessments often involve a review of medical history, understanding current medications, and self-identified mobility challenges. These challenges may present as discomfort and pain in specific joints or areas of the body or as difficulty in performing desired tasks. The physical therapist will then complete an exam, reviewing the physical capacity, including range of motion, strength, and coordination of major muscle groups. They will assess how the patient transitions and posture in various positions. They will assess mobility patterns such as gait, and they will assess the use of equipment being employed to support the patient in the current setting. They may assess risk factors and recovery, such as falls, and the role of the environment within these risk areas, such as stairs and the frequency of use. The physical therapist will assess exertion and activity tolerance to identify obstacles to success. After the assessment, the physical therapist will create a treatment plan with an interval of visits to help the patient meet their goal. The physical therapy assistant may provide some of these visits as well as the physical therapist.  If you have questions about physical therapy and home health, reach out to us at info@EliteHHH.com  

People to know

Clarkston Liaison/Lifeline – Angie (509) 780-8097

Lewiston Liaison – Beth (509) 254-1381

Moscow & Orofino Liaison – Scott (509) 234-3102

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