Weekly Pulse for May 30, 2022

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Start Date
Start Date
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Clinical Focus

Thank you for joining us this month on our journey exploring asthma and allergy awareness, the importance of air quality and its impact on our respiration, lessening the stigma of mental illness in our practice and outreach to patients, optimizing treatments for osteoporosis and arthritis management, and creating frameworks for patient’s understanding of stroke risk. We also had the opportunity to recognize the work of our speech-language pathologists, nurses, and administrative professionals. Thank you for joining us!

Question Corner

What does an occupational therapy assessment look like?

Of all the professions involved in home health services, occupational therapy is the one that is uniquely trained for assessing patients’ capacity for optimal living in their home setting. Occupational therapists complete a comprehensive health history review, as well as a medication review, to identify the health related obstacles. They then engage in a review of the patient’s necessary and chosen activities. They assess how the patient is completing these tasks and the obstacles the patient is encountering in completing each of the components. They will then perform a physical assessment to review the patient’s capacity for movements and the bodily limitations that may impede certain positions and actions. They will review adaptations already in place and assess the effectiveness. They will assess the environment to identify the setup that best optimizes the setting or hinders a chosen activity. They will assess the patient’s learning style to identify changes in cognition and supportive systems for learning and using new processes. They will engage in a psychosocial review to identify support systems and involved parties. They then collaborate with the patient and family to identify treatment targets and create a plan of care. The certified occupational therapy assistant may lead some treatment sessions in collaboration with the occupational therapist during the home health course. If you have questions about occupational therapy and home health, reach out to us at info@EliteHHH.com

People to know

Clarkston Liaison/Lifeline – Angie (509) 780-8097

Lewiston Liaison – Beth (509) 254-1381

Moscow & Orofino Liaison – Scott (509) 234-3102

Business Development – Ashley (509) 843-7605