What is the role of Palliative in Chronic Kidney Disease?

“End stage renal disease is a progressive, debilitating, chronic illness requiring nursing and medical interventions. The development of the disease affects quality of life, potentially influencing physical and mental health, functional status, independence, general well-being, personal relationships and social functioning.” (Cleary et al., 2005)

Chronic kidney disease is a complex chronic condition. Given the complexities of other comorbidities, close monitoring and mitigation of symptoms related to the interplay of other chronic conditions and managing multiple medications is a complicated process. Our goal in palliative is to support the patient’s quality of life as an integrated approach. Sharing information with the primary provider to support symptoms is measured by the patient’s self-rating of quality of life. Patients in palliative are still pursuing curative treatments, and they are engaging in meaningful activities in spite of having progressive conditions.