What is Hospice?

Hospice is not a place. Hospice is not a death sentence.

Hospice is the specific service that is provided when you are no longer seeking curative treatments. The goal of hospice is your comfort to support you in living your life. Hospice is flexible in where it can be provided.

Hospice does not require that you stop all medications. The goal of hospice is to make sure the medications you are taking serve you. If you are uncomfortable, because of side effects of your medications, these might be removed, because the goal of hospice is comfort.

In hospice, you do not have to be a DNR (do not resuscitate). The goal of hospice is to help you understand these decisions and honor what you have requested.

Hospice is prescribed by your provider and can support individuals with various forms of cancer, dementia, cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, renal disease, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, neurological disease, and stroke or coma.

At Elite, we do hospice differently. Our team designs your program based on your needs where your voice has a say in your visits, your care goals, and your family’s needs.